“F” is for Fireworks

[A timely repeat from August 17, 2014]  Every Independence Day, I am embarrassed that Illinois is one of the few states in the Union that disallows any and all kinds of fireworks for private use. This Fourth of July I heard a few neighborhood “pops.”  And saw a few puffs of light.   And I can just imagine police SWAT teams barreling down on the offenders.

I continue to believe that people of Illinois should descend on Springfield and demand equality for buying and using fireworks. As I reported earlier (10/10/12; 10/15/12; and 10/30/13), many kids – like me – grew up with fireworks.  And it was a hoot.  Don’t give me the “oooh oooh – you can get hurt” business.  It does not happen.  And you know it.  Your child has a greater chance of being seriously injured playing soccer than by a firework. 

And while we’re in Springfield asking those who run this state for equality for buying, selling and using fireworks – we might create some fireworks of our own demanding honest government and fiscal responsibility.  Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation.  And according to a new Thumbtack.com and Kaufmann Foundation survey, Illinois is the worst for business (okay, California tied us).  Illinois got an “F.”  Companies are leaving in droves to the tune of 1,000+ jobs a day.  Illinois is one of the most heavily-taxed states.   Yet new taxes, fines, regulations and penalties appear daily.  Did you know Chicago’s population today is less than it was in 1920?  Illinois leadership has ruined our State.   Yet they keep getting voted in.  Who votes for these people?  How’s that for a segue?     

2 thoughts on ““F” is for Fireworks

  1. Stoney

    I’m with you on fireworks. But I must dispute your claim of safety. I defended a case where a youngster was standing in his neighborhood street watching a few neighbors lighting off all kinds of stuff. A whirling “satellite” took off from the ground and, like a heat seeking missle, flew up his shorts and gave him some third degree burns—phosphorus burns—that can’t be put out with water.
    A nasty case but no liability.

  2. Steve Stark

    Fireworks were fun to watch and hear until the last few decades where gun violence has invaded our city’s life and fear has produced ears….that cannot distinguish between the two. Day or night it doesn’t matter. The instant paralysis sucks big time. Can anyone identify?

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