Rosa’s Revenge

As a result of my prior post, a good friend suggested I write a scenario – that might explain how the wedding ring of Rosa’s husband ended up on the floor at the American Airlines check in station at O’Hare Field So. . .  here ’tis.

[A play in one act]
A loudspeaker announces “American Airlines Flight 346 to San Francisco will soon be boarding at Gate H8”  A couple is walking quickly – the man several steps ahead of his wife.  
Alonzo: [Angrily]  Move it, Rosa – I wanna get to the gate.
Rosa: Wait a sec. I may have left my sandwich at the TSA check poi . . .
Alonzo: Your SANDWICH? @X&*%x!! I mean come ON woman. . . .
Rosa: Sorry Alonzo. But I spent six dollars on th. . .
Alonzo: Get a move on. [Snarling] I’ll buy you a bag of pretzels on the flight.
Rosa: Yes Alonzo.
Alonzo: Geeesh. . . .
Rosa: Alonzo?
Alonzo: What NOW?
Rosa: [Looking at Alonzo] Where is your wedding ring?
Alonzo: (Looks at his hand) My we. . . . .
Rosa: I saw you fiddling with it back at check in when you were staring at that young woman who walked by.
Alonzo: [Growling] It’ll turn up.
Rosa: What do you mean ‘turn up’?
Alonzo: I. . . I . . . . I. . . mean uhmm. . . . .
[At that moment a pair of Chicago Police officers walk by]
Rosa: Officer?
Officer One: [Stops] Yes ma’am?
Rosa: This man is harassing me [points at Alonzo]. He’s a stalker.
Alonzo: But but but but but. . . . .
Officer One: Sir [grabbing his arm] come with us.
Alonzo: But but but but. . . .
Rosa: Thank you officer.
[Rosa continues walking.  She smiles and begins whistling as she approaches the gate.  Minutes later, an observant, older and very handsome gentleman finds the ring, calls out “Rosa”??   And reports the find to authorities]

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