In my post of November 11, 2011, I mentioned an occasion when I was asked by a friend “what is your favorite day?”  Quirky question but I promptly replied “Thanksgiving.”   It’s a long weekend.  Family time.  Great food (stuffing – my favorite).  Detroit Lions on t.v. (yawn).  Though this year it’s versus the Bears.  And Christmas is on the way.   Christmas??  YIKES!!

Well, it’s another November.   Seven years later.  Wow!  The days go slow but the years go fast.  Faster it seems every year.    

I hope that Thanksgiving is a favorite day for you.  Yet – Thanksgiving can be more than just a day.  It can be an attitude as well.  An everyday attitude.   My best wishes to you for a wonderful, happy and blessed Thanksgiving weekend.   

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