The Thin Blue Line

[A reprint from 11/16/15] When I was growing up, I was inculcated with the notion that ALL lives mattered. Not just black ones. . . .

It is insulting to hear some folks calling on their brethren to “kill police.” Or attack police.  Let’s have a show of hands — who agrees with these “people”??

When I was a States Attorney, I worked with the police every day. Hundreds of them. You know what? Most were good guys (a few gals) (see my post of 3/20/14).  Sure – there were occasional bad apples (and we dealt with them).  A few were lazy.  But most were just doing their job.  A pretty good job.  Of protecting the public.  Thus, I stand behind the police.  And so should you. . . . .

I would invite all of you to stand behind the police in your community. And for Mayor de Blasio of New York and those folks who urge violence against them — if you won’t stand behind the police when bad guy bullets start flying — please stand in front of themThat is where you belong . . . . . 

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