[A sad remembrance from August 24, 2011]

My wife and I have a 10 pound gray miniature poodle named “Daisy.”  To say Daisy is smart would be an understatement.  Daisy is smarter than some lawyers I know and most politicians I know of.  And probably brighter than me on some occasions.  When you talk to her, she looks you right square in the eye as if she’s trying to figure out “just what language is he speaking?” 

Daisy is a certified therapy dog – with the Canine Therapy Corps in Chicago ( http://www.caninetherapycorps.org  ).   Canine Therapy Corps has nearly 75 dogs who work in 15 area hospitals.  It is a wonderful program that provides animal-assisted therapy often in collaboration with physicians and attending staff. 

Daisy went to school for nearly two years to get certified in this wonderful program.  Daisy and Donna work on Wednesday afternoons at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  Since Daisy responds to voice and motion commands (both of which Donna says I have trouble with), Daisy works with stroke and spinal cord injury patients who may need help with speech and movement.  To watch Daisy “on the job” is a treat.  Daisy dances, twirls, sits, stays, barks, marches, and does level 1 calculus all while working with the patients.  When working with children, sometimes a little boy or girl will just want to hold Daisy.  And that’s just fine too.  

When Daisy gets home, she takes off her blue vest and kicks back – knocking down a few liver treats and taking a walk.  Then – exhausted from the day – Daisy heads upstairs to bed to dream of table scraps and fire hydrants. . . .      

On July 19, 2018, Daisy left us.  She was a wonderful dog – who will be greatly missed.   It’s very hard to say “goodbye”. . . . .

3 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. Richard Lamm

    Donna and Scott- sorry about Daisy…she was sweet when we met in June. We just arrived on Cape Cod and will be dining soon so I will make a toast to both of our two friends (mine is Stubby) who are playing in heaven. Best, Dick

  2. Donald Fagerberg

    Daisy was a wonderful dog and helped so many people. She was a great joy to her family as well as all who knew her. We know that you will miss her very much. You have our sympathy. Don and Jess

  3. Scott:Thanks for the lunch Sunday at Evanston. Sorry about Daisy. We had to put our last (3rd) dog down a few years ago. Wrigley was a yellow lab with a very sweet and submissive disposition. Truly the best dog we ever had.It was really hard for me. So no more dogs for us but enjoying our grand-dogs in VA who love us and recognize us every time we visit. PS: The guy on our trip was an old MAP collector, not manuscripts. I really like old maps too. Cheers, LBU

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