Chinese Style

The Berghoff Restaurant at 17 West Adams Street in Chicago is an old, German, family restaurant.  The Berghoff has been in business since 1898.  It is where the classic “Men’s Bar” survived until 1969.  The Berghoff received liquor license number One in 1933 when Prohibition ended.  And three classic scenes from “The Dark Knight” (Batman) were filmed there. 

I recently hosted three attorneys from Beijing for meetings in my office. At the conclusion of the meetings, I offered to take them to lunch. They accepted and we walked across the street to the Berghoff.

We sat down at a table and perused the menu.  I asked my guests what kind of food they liked.  None had any limitations.  And no particular preferences.   They smiled.  And suggested I order for them.  Talk about pressure. . . . .  So I ordered three meals:  a duck platter; stuffed sole; and a sausage trio.  And we placed the three plates in the center of the table and dined.  Chinese style.   I stifled my appetite a bit – deferring to my guests.  Bottom line – everything was devoured.   But it did have me wondering how many times in its 120 year history the Berghoff had seen Chinese style dining with Chinese visitors. 

Frankly I like Chinese style dining.  Next time Donna and I have dinner with you, don’t be surprised if I reach across the table and fork a slice of your filet.  Make sure you order it medium well . . . . .