Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?   — Henry David Thoreau 

The Cleveland Clinic is known as one of the great medical institutions in America and probably the world.  Two years ago, the Cleveland Clinic produced a powerful YouTube video on empathy.  I watched it for the first time in early March.  And I’ve watched it several times since.  

As I walk from the train station to my office, I’m sure I pass a thousand people.  Probably more.  Each one walks in his/her own world.  With their own thoughts.  Dealing with their own issues.   Health.  Fears.  Demons.  It is important to realize that each one of us has a story.  Each one of us lives with the cards that are dealt in the lottery of birth.  And the life that is thus given.    

Do me a favor – and devote 4-1/2 minutes to this video.   It’s hard to watch this video and not feel a sense of empathy for the human condition.  A sense of – that could be me.   You may want to watch it again. . . .   



One thought on “Empathy

  1. Denise Driscoll

    Thanks so much Scott!! Gave a pair of your Happy Socks to Bob last night, which did make him very happy! Bob is an ex-policeman/truck driver who has been attending The HE for 14 years! I announced to our group that you donated the beautiful socks. I told them how thoughtful and supportive you are to your friends and family!! I’ll give them the Happy Sock web site in case they want to order some.

    I’m so appreciative of all the joy you spread to others and grateful to know you Scott!!

    The videos are great too… thanks for everything!! God bless you and your family always… Denise

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