NRA – Follow up

I had some pushback on my post regarding the NRA (or the “NARA” if you prefer). While agreeing that banning assault rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and big magazines and clips would be smart, one person disagreed that some people wish to ban all guns. This person also felt the mental health component is not relevant to discussion of the NRA.  By discussing collateral issues, we “fall into the trap” set by the NRA.   

In my post of October 8, 2017, I explained why we are suffering these binges of violence.  And it’s not just guns.  And on February 12, 2017, I talked about Chicago violence.  

Peggy Noonan in her Wall Street Journal article titled “The Air we Breathe” (February 22, 2018) suggested that the last four decades have encouraged a society that is disposed to violence.  “The family blew up – divorce, unwed childbearing.  Fatherless sons [and daughters].  Poor children with no one to love them.  The internet flourished.  Porn proliferated.  Drugs, legal and illegal.  Violent videogames, in which nameless people are eliminated and spattered all over the screen. . . .The abortion regime settled in with its fierce, endless casual talk about the right to end a life.”  CDC reports that as many as 20% of all children 3 to 17 have mental or emotional illness.  Those numbers are growing.  Then of course there is the debasement of religion, the strangulation of free speech, an accusation generation (forget due process) and partisan politics that we have not seen since the Civil War.  We hurl epithets instead of engage in civil discourse.   It’s the air we breathe. . . . (please – see ).  

Ms. Noonan concludes that our politicians might consider “trade banning assault weapons for banning late-term abortion.  Make illegal a killing machine and a killing procedure.”  What’s not to like?        

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