I have a theory.  Go with me on this. . . . .

Statistically, something like 90% of all people are using smart phones and not actual cameras to take photographs. The same is true as to videos.  Most people are taking videos – with their smart phones.  I have not found statistical corroboration but I do believe that the videos taken with smart phones are of shorter duration than those that were taken with the old video cameras.   And I believe that such videos are geared more toward visual activity rather than audio input. 

I remember in years past, we’d turn on the video camera on Christmas morning and record the “ooohs” “ahhhs” and running commentary.  The oldest and youngest would talk to the camera about their present.  We’d share with the camera our first memories of Christmas.   And thoughts of days past.  I’m not sure that’s done much anymore.      

Based on my own premises, my conclusion is that we are recording less and less audio than we used to.  I have many videos of my granddaughters dancing, swimming and singing.  But I don’t have much in the way of their dialogue.  Or conversation.  While smart phones provide a great convenience, I’d like to renew the recording of voices, discussion and conversation . . . . .    

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