Counterpoint. . .

1.73 million people are on airplanes every day in the United States.   Lately we read of a woman refusing to sit down on final approach because she wants to use the bathroom.  A convicted felon refuses to vacate his seat due to overbooking.  And is dragged off the plane.  Another woman refuses to hand over a baby stroller.  

Please tell me — why do such incidents become front page headlines?   Why does the media glorify this stuff?  Why are these folks victims?   

Once you are on a commercial airliner, you are subject to regulations of the FAA and the flight crew.  They call the shots.  Why do you become a victim – if you give the finger to the flight crew?  And refuse instructions designed for your (and others) safety?           

The FAA dictates the rules of the road for airlines and those on board. These rules are to be enforced by flight crews.  Or else.  With so many people flying every day in the United States, what would happen if everyone wanted to play by their own rules?   Wouldn’t that make air travel an adventure?  Of course our glorious press would call every maverick a “victim.”  Anarchy would reign.  And the news would turn into one long parade of sob stories.  I can see it now. . . . “John Doe suffered mental trauma when he had a lit cigar snatched out of his hand by an angry flight attendant while on a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles.  The airline is being sued for millions of dollars. . . . .” 

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