Life After High School

(A repeat from September 7, 2014)

Social studies. Reading comprehension. English Literature. P.E. Chemistry. Trigonometry (did I spell that right?). These are all courses I took in high school. But the best course I took in high school was typing. I can type flawlessly for about 60 words a minute. The other courses? Physical science?  Chemistry? What the heck is a “beaker”?

Okay okay. These are all good courses – and worth taking. But for my money, I think high school students should all be required to take a course “Life After High School.” It would be a one year curriculum and involve seminars on balancing a check book; shopping; simple first aid; spending money wisely; relationships and respect; job interviews; nutrition; cooking simple meals; raising babies; investing; and so on. Topics which help a young person acclimate and actually put to good use after high school. Many kids will go to college. Many will not. But learning how to respect a spouse, showing your best to a prospective employer, and dealing intelligently with a screaming baby will benefit everyone.

These are not topics that are in conflict with parents so there should be no pushback. And it might create a broader universe of students/grads who are more able to assimilate, interact and thrive.

One thought on “Life After High School

  1. Donald Fagerberg

    You are right on, Scott. I did not learn to type until I realized that email was something that I just had to do! Where were you in high school when you could have given me your wisdom?

    Don Fagerberg

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