Maybe that’s what we should rename Berkeley, Yale, Middlebury, Claremont and a few other colleges and universities.  Given the delicate sensitivity of the students who attend them.   Many are babies (“Eeeek!  A Wall Street Journal!  Call in the Hazmat team!”).  But the rock throwers and fire bombers aren’t babies.  They’re often hired.   They use threats and violence to shut down conservative discussion.  They are injecting poison into the bloodstream of America. These people are evil.  The agenda?  Denounce and demonize anyone who disagrees.    Free speech applies only to them (see my post of 6/25/15).  All others are shut down.  Censored.  And attacked.  Physically.  Violently.   

Even Bill Maher defended Ann Coulter’s right to speak at Berkeley.  He said the University of California is “the cradle for f. . . .g babies.”   Maher continued that speech is protected.  Threats are not.  

How about if we kick out all students who inhibit free speech?  Suspend those who want “safe spaces.”  And for professors who support them – fire them.  Demonize them.  And deprive them – forever – of gainful employment.   Oh wait a minute. . . .  that’s what the snowflakes want done to anyone thought to be a conservative.  

I wonder – how did we reach this low point?  How did we arrive at a state where free speech is stifled?  Fair comment is denied?  And frank discussion is prohibited?       

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