Maybe it’s Just Me. . . .

I am diligent about conserving water.  Turning off light switches.  Turning off the car rather than wasting gas – or polluting the environment.  Recycling.  I promote my registered trademark – JUST TURN IT OFF® – whenever and wherever I can.  I’ve often posted on the subject of conservation.  If you want to see what rankles me, see April 10, 2016.  

But I continue to be a skeptic on “global warming” though I tend to agree with the notion of climate change (they are different).  Global warming is a political issue more than a scientific one.  It’s not a scientific law.  Not a theory.  Not even a hypothesis.  It is a consensus.  Of some people.   There are scientists and respectable folks on both sides of the issue.  But the “believers” want to silence those who ask questions.  They want to squelch discussion.  Ever notice that those who raise questions about global warming are put down?  Vilified?  Try discussing the subject among those who have drunk the Kool Aid (“Eeek!  He’s asking questions!”)?  Great.  That’s really productive.    I do wish discussion on this topic would be allowed.  Since discussion, diagnosis and then consensus may be more productive than taking a grand and uneducated leap of faith.  Into the void.