Idiot Casual

Donna and I have been travelling. Vacation.  So we’re indulging ourselves a bit more than usual. Going to nice restaurants where “smart casual” (or “business casual“) is the norm.  Our first dinner was on the top floor of a swanky hotel.  I wore dark slacks, button-down shirt and a sport coat.  Donna was in her LBD.  Little black dress.  Smart casual.  Donna was – for sure.  But I was so far out of style that I . . . . . lemme explain.

The women – older and younger – in this wonderful restaurant – all wore dresses.  A few strapless.  Low heels (a few high).  Shawls.  Smart.  Elegant.  But the men for the most part looked like they were homeless.   Jeans.  T-shirts.  Untucked shirts.  One guy wore (are you ready?) a white V-neck t-shirt.  And ripped jeans.  I watched a few of these guys to see if they would snort corn niblets out of their noses.  One idiot wore his hat.  Backwards.   Though he finally did take it off.  If you want to know what I think of men who wear hats in restaurants – any restaurant – see July 24, 2014.

Some people say that the human species is actually devolving – rather than evolving.  If you want evidence of that (at least as to the male of the species), I’ll give you the names of a few fancy restaurants.  And you can judge for yourself.

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