Chicago Violence

Did you watch “60 Minutes” on January 1st?  As I observe on November 16, 2015 — it is not the police.  It is the bad guys in Chicago who are shooting 12 people a day and killing 2 of them.  But a small cadre of uncaring – but politically-motivated – folks (like progressives, Black Lives Matter and others) blame the police.  They march against the police.  Some espouse killing the police.   And they are the ones who get the attention from the “media.”  So. . . . what happens?  In Chicago – police stops are down nearly 90%.   Why in the world would police officers be proactive (as in the past) – and stop and frisk – when they can just sit back.  And respond to “911” calls.  Do you blame them?  I sure don’t.  Talk to cops.  I do.    

Police in Chicago shot and killed 92 individuals in the last six years.  In nearly all cases, there was probably cause. Those killed by cops deserved it.  Bad guys in Chicago – in one year – shot 4,378 victims killing 713 of them.  4.6% of victims were white.   Do these numbers suggest the police are at fault?  Do these statistics give an inkling of whose fault it is? 

What if we take the cross hairs off the police and reinstate stop and frisk with reasonable cause (without having to fill out a useless 2 page form for the ACLU).  Otherwise this horrific violence will continue.  And it will grow worse.   2017 is already ahead of 2016 in shootings and homicides!  As said in 2015, if you don’t stand behind the police when the bullets are flying, go stand in front of them. 

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