Thank you notes

I had a first.   I got a “thank you” note.  For a “thank you” note. . . . .

In my post of September 26, 2011, I opined that the written word was disappearing.  And I referenced my own push back to that trend.   I commented that the written word must live – despite new generations that care not about such custom.  I often host a young law students to lunch.  At most, I get an email “thanks for the lunch.”  Most often – I get zip.

We were invited to dinner with some old friends.  Upon arriving home, I dashed off a quick letter – with my customary art work – thanking them for a wonderful evening, dinner and friendship.  I thought that was it.  But I just received a note – thanking me for my handwritten “thank you” note.  Wow!  I have received handwritten thank you notes for contributions and miscellany.   I often save them.  But a “thank you” for a “thank you“?  A first. 

As I said in that post of 5-1/2 years ago — if you want to make an impression, send a real letter.  With real handwriting.  Posted in a real envelope.  With a real stamp.  You may get thanked for it.  

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