I have lunch at my desk nearly every day. And during that 20 to 30 minute break, I usually watch something that helps enlighten and develop my meager brain.  I may work on sign (or other) language skills (see post of 2/23/14).  Sometimes I take a continuing legal education course (I need at least 24 hours every two years).   Other times, I brush up on first aid know-how (see post of 6/12/14).  Lately, I’ve been listening to “TED Talks.”  

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks was founded in 1984 as a Silicon Valley conference – which featured speakers on technology and design.  Since then, TED has blossomed into a free-viewing online educational network – on a host of topics.  TED’s slogan is “Ideas worth spreading.”  By November 2012, TED Talks had over one billion views.  

Live TED events are offered throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  But most of those who listen simply log in to http://www.ted.com and make a selection that suits their interest.  

TED speakers — who are carefully vetted —  are given a maximum of 18 minutes to make their pitch.  That fits perfectly into my midday nibble.   If you have 18 minutes to spare — you could not go wrong.  Listening to and learning from – TED. . . . . .

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