I suspect that most who receive my blog posts have roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition. As do I.  Fallen Lutheran.  Now – good Episcopalian.  I have previously discussed my journeys through the Old Testament (June 11, 2012) and the New Testament (November 10, 2013).  

But being a “believer” does not absolve one of questions on matters of faith.  I have them as I’m sure you do.  Some might ask if there is baseball in heaven (see 4/12/12).  Answer?  Yes – you’re pitching tomorrow.  I’ve wondered about golf in heaven . . . .  But seriously – my questions may have answers but I’ve never seen (or understood) them.  

Why is there so much inequity, violence and pain in the world?  We have the desperately poor, persecuted, disabled and troubled.  Yet we also have folks on the other end of the spectrum.  And many in between.   I am aware of Matthew 5:45.   But why? 

Do the poor and downtrodden find any favor with God even when they may have no – or shaky – belief?   Are we frail humans “graded” on a curve? 

Are those who find religion on their deathbed truly forgiven of murderous crime or hateful behavior?

God is Divine – yet He changes His mind (e.g. Exodus 32:7-14).  Why? 

With so many religions, how can (and why do) some claim they are right and the rest of the world is wrong on matters of faith?  It seems that the only reason we each believe as we do is that fickle “lottery of birth” (see 4/9/15).  We had no choice. . . . . 

I would be interested in your questions.  Comments.  Or answers.


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