So the guy who wanted a brownie. . . .

(A summer repeat from 12/2/2012)

So the guy who was on his deathbed in the previous post called his three best friends together – a priest, a doctor and a lawyer. “My friends,” he said “I’ve decided that I want to take my money with me. I’m giving each of you an envelope containing $300,000 in cash. Just before they close my coffin, I want you to throw in the envelope. I will be happy because I’m taking my money with me.

The friends solemnly agreed and a short time later the man passed away. At the funeral, each of the friends stepped up and tossed his envelope into the coffin — just as it was being closed. Following the funeral, the three friends gathered to have a drink. After a moment, the priest broke down and tearfully said “I have a confession. I took $50,000 out of the envelope to give to a homeless shelter.” With that, the doctor broke down and sobbed “I have a confession — I took $100,000 to help fund the children’s hospital.”

The lawyer’s eyes narrowed. His stoic face turned to a frown. “I am ashamed of you. Ashamed! Taking money like that. I want you to know that I put my personal check in that envelope for the full $300,000. . . . .”

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