Bridge – Part II

Bridge seems to have distilled into the complicated task of memorizing a host of bidding conventions, responses and overcalls.  And a player must inform opponents of precisely what his/her bid means.  There must be hundreds of possible bids.  I have a brilliant idea. How about if each of the four players sits with a tablet loaded with bridge software with every convention under the sun.  The cards are dealt, everyone digitally enters the cards onto the tablet they hold and the software program tells everyone what to bid.

When a bid is made, everyone at the table will be cued by their tablet as to what the bid “means.”   Then everyone bids on the basis of the program’s instruction.  Or the tablet can bid in a C-3PO voice – “one no trump.”  Voila! – no need to memorize.

Frankly – the program could deal and play the cards as well.  The tablet will chirp “play your nine of trump” and a player will pull the card and turn it over.   Bridge tournaments will have no losers.  Masters points will be showered on all entrants.  Bridge would be reduced to four people sitting at a table sipping coffee.  Or wine.  Munching chips and pigs in a blanket.  Eyes glazed over.  Robotically following the directions of an electronic voice – “time to change tables.”   

One thought on “Bridge – Part II

  1. Ann

    Hi Scott!

    I started refreshing my bridge knowledge last fall at our Bridge Center. Basically, learning duplicate. But it’s hard to leave the Goren behind and it sort of takes some of the fun out of playing! Ann Housh

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