Yoga Toes

Here’s a public service announcement. 

I have arthritis in my feet. It can be painful. I’ve tried to eliminate gluten (see post of 8/13/13), I avoid red meat, sugar and go easy on the dairy (all known “triggers” for arthritis and other things).  The diet helps.  But recently I read about “Yoga Toes.” And the therapeutic benefits they can offer your feet.  Soooooo. . . . . I bought some Yoga Toes through Amazon.   I put them on when I get in bed and just leave them on. In the middle of the night, I usually kick them off.  You know what? Shhhhhhhh. . . .my feet are feeling better

Yoga Toes are ergonomic toe stretchers — that force the toes to expand to more natural positions (instead of being smooshed together in a pair of shoes).  They are made from a BPH free gel.  They are touted to help remediate bunions, hammer toes, foot pain and other foot issues.  You can put your Yoga Toes in the freezer (which I’ve done) to “ice” painful feet/toes.  It feels good.  I’m gonna keep my Yoga Toes.  And use them regularly.  If you have foot pain, let me say this — there’s no downside to Yoga Toes.  They just might help.  You can get a look at Amazon’s offering (and product reviews) at  – just enter “yoga toes”

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