400 Posts

This is post number 400. I’ve been doing this blog thing for nearly four years. 

In number 200 (April 14, 2013), I talked about the most popular posts (esp. “The Wedding Ring“).  In number 300 (April 13, 2014), I referenced some of my favorite posts.  There are lots of ’em.   Granddaughters.  🙂  Personal experience.  Inspirational ones (like “Be a Themostat” 4/26/14).   Cooking is fun and challenging so recipes play a role.   I occasionally lapse into editorial comment and I don’t mean to step on toes but I guess I will if you disagre with me. 

The words are mine (unless otherwise indicated) and the subjects are based on whatever strikes me at any given moment.   I’m not sure how much longer this will go but for now, number 401 is in the works.