Pete Rose

Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. Yeah I know. I know the reason he was “banned” from baseball.  Placing bets on the skill of his team. Big deal.   

Pete Rose.  Rookie of the Year.  MVP.  Most career hits ever (4,256); most games played ever (3,562); most at bats ever (14,053); most singles ever (3,315); most winning games ever (1,972); and on. And on. And on. . . . . . And the guy doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame? For dropping a few quid on his team (and a few others)? Give me a break.

Pete Rose is the elephant in the room.  He is the epitome of professional baseball.  Best in the game.  MLB would do well to recognize what is truly important.  We forgive Bill and Hillary for lies, scandals, shady dealings and the infamous “Clinton body count” (please Google the term) on a daily basis.   We should be able to forgive Pete Rose for a few wagers.  If Hillary can run for President, Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Today.     

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