Beer for my Horses. . . .

When I was a State’s Attorney at 26th & California, I prosecuted bad people.  It was 40 years ago but I still go back every couple years to testify in parole hearings (objecting to release) for the really bad ones (3/20/14).  It’s very emotional.  Think of your worst nightmare and know that there are people out there who are worse.   One chap I put on death row had one-by-one murdered perhaps 15 people (or was it 18) as a hired killer.  He would slit your throat as easily as he would hold the door open for an old lady.   Our culture of violence is a breeding ground for such abomination (1/2/13).  We glorify the new “Game of War,” we see horrific violence in video games for children, movies have disturbing and hateful brutality and immorality and we cheer the blood and guts in ultimate fighting (who can watch this stuff?).  Yet remember people — we are now told that it is the Bible that is the shocking danger to society!  But I digress. . . . . 

The world spirals into chaos.  The Nightly News makes you want to climb into bed and pull the covers over your head.  It’s all a good reason to watch for anomalies (6/18/12), to keep a weather eye on your six and to warn all family members of “stranger danger.”   

In 2003, Toby Keith and Willie Nelson released a great music video that most can relate to.  “Beer for my Horses” won the Country Music Awards “Best Music Video” award later in the year.  It’s a first since in this video – no one sings!   It’s the kind of music that will make you narrow your eyes and smile.  It suggests a means for dealing with really bad people.  You’ll want to raise up a glass – and share a a bottle of Dos Equis with a large four-legged pal.  Watch –     Now if we can only extend that rope in Texas to the boys and girls from ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Islamic Jihad and the rest of them.  Beer for my horses . . . .

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