What if you heard someone avow to “Kill All Americans!”   Or “Kill all Blacks!”  And then they made detailed plans to do so – and helped others to do so.  Would you want to hang around with them? Trust them?  Give them arms and ammunition?  Of course not.  You’d probably want to do something very precipitous to stop them.  But America has cozied up to Iran – the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.  And hatred of America and Israel.  And concluded a “nuclear arms treaty.”  Terms?  As Nancy Pelosi might say “we won’t know until we pass it.” 

Iran just last week reiterated that its objective is to “kill all Jews.”   And to “wipe Israel off the map.”  Andto kill all Americans.”  Last week.  That means most of YOU!  And every blinking day Iran puts its money where its mouth is — in support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria (all of our Gulf state allies oppose him).  Iran supports and funds Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and factions of al-Qaeda.  It collaborates with North Korea on developing their weapons-grade nuclear weapons.  And on.  And on.  And yet, Iran is now our BFF.  And we trust them to be good.  And we are striking a deal that allows Iran to keep thousands of nuclear centrifuges.  And a sunset clause that then allows Iran to “wipe Israel off the map.”   

 America – and the world – seem to be unspooling.  Quickly.  As Henry Kissinger wryly observed a few weeks ago at a D.C. conference “[in the last six years] . . . the world has lost stability.”  In the past when evil reared its head, America would lead.  Impose harsh sanctions, seize bank accounts and lock arms with our allies.  And the stern face of unanimity would turn against the aggressor.  But today, we go hat in hand to the negotiating table.  Pleading.  And turning our back to our best friend in the region (Israel).   We work with Russia and China (I mean really?) to chip away at prior demands for compliance.  And all the while, our allies in the Middle East are circling the wagons against America.  What can possibly go wrong . . . . ?  

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