No Guns Allowed!

It must give some folks a warm and fuzzy – and safe – feeling when they walk into an office building, shopping mall or store and see the sharp red circle and diaganol line superimposed over the image of a handgun.  “Pfew – nobody has a gun here.”  And it must give politicians and store owners that sense of I’m gonna make a political statement.  And they smile as they adhere their signs to door after door.   Some folks even put these signs on their windows at home.    

Prohibited Area Sign

But I have to wonder if those who post – and favor – these signs are fools, stupid or just uneducated.  Tell me — what do these signs convey?  Are people that dumb to believe that the bad guys will see such a sign and go “oooh oooh – Khalid tell Hasam we better not go in there. . . .”   With the increasing, dark drumbeat of threats against America, our citizens and “soft targets” (and the horrific and massive carnage we’ve already witnessed), we actually have people in America who want to make these targets more vulnerable.  For my part, I’d prefer to leave the bad guys guessing.  And if something bad happens, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a few brave souls stand up to the bad guys as the masses stampede toward the exits.  

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