Baskin’ Robins

Two large robins were sitting in a tree. It had been raining hard and they were hungry. The pair looked down and there on the ground were dozens of large thick worms. One looked at the other and gave a nod – “let’s go” he said in robin language.

The two flew down and began devouring worm after worm after worm. The sun came out and it warmed. And the pair ate more and more worms until they finished the feast.  They smacked their beaks and tried to launch. But the two had eaten so many worms that they could not get off the ground. “Let’s just sit here in the sun and rest” said the one. The other – eyes glazed over nodded in agreement and sat back to rest in the warm sunlight.

Meanwhile a huge alley cat was skulking through the bushes. He saw the two robins and slowly crept — and pounced. He ate both birds with a smile. “I just love baskin’ robins” he thought.

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