A game warden is walking through a forest in Northern Wisconsin. He spots a guy skulking through the forest.  The guy is looking right and left.  And he’s carrying a large plastic garbage bag over his shoulder. The game warden watches for a few minutes – then steps out.  “Excuse me” the warden yells.  The guy jumps and the plastic bag falls to the ground.  And opens.  And out slide about a dozen dead loons.   The warden looks at the loons and then at the guy.  “L-l-loons!  You killed loons!  Loons are an endangered species.”  The warden sputtered.   “You’re under arrest.   Killing loons.  That’s terrible.”  The guy was contrite.  Put the loons back in the bag and began walking to the wardens pickup truck.     

The warden looked at the guy.  “Loons.  Loons.  What the heck do you do with loons?”  the warden asked.

The guy looked over.  “Oh I eat them.  They’re delicious.” 

The warden looked at the guy.  And thought.  “All right – I’ve never had a loon before.   What does loon taste like?” 

The guy looks at the warden and responds “well they’re kind’ve a cross between a California condor and a bald eagle.”

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