Hat’s Off!

In my last post, I talked about being up in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Minocqua. Woodruff. Lac du Flambeau. Boulder Junction. Great time. Beautiful country.

One really neat – old – place is Voss’s Birchwood Lodge in Manitowish Waters. This place hearkens back to 1910. John Dillinger and his pals drank beer in the bar and were probably responsible for some of the cigarette burns in the woodwork.  The original owner was the one who blew the whistle on Dillinger’s gang.  And FBI agents gathered there before the assault on Little Bohemia which is down the road.  Wonderful history. Today’s crowd is more peaceful. And civil.  But not necessarily civilized.

When I was growing up, I remember my father always telling me to “take off” my hat — when going in any public place. And I did.  My buddies did too.  It was a lesson we all learned.  Once, when I was not quick enough, a Scout leader slapped the brim of my hat sending it flying.  But today, it seems like a lot of young men – and even a few older guys – are not getting the message. 

Posted at the entry to the dining room at Voss’s Lodge is a sign directing men to take off their hats. We walked in for breakfast one morning and sure enough there are two men sitting there with their Green Bay Packer hats perched squarely on their heads. Men.  I looked at them and there was not much of a spark looking back.  If you get my drift. . . .  Next time I see some character with his hat on in a restaurant, there may be a temptation to walk over.  And send it flying.

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