Heart Healthy

Donna and I went to a restaurant the other night. The menu was bedecked with admonitions like:
LC – Low Cholestorol
HH – Heart Healthy
LS – Low Sodium
PF – Peanut Free  And so on

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see legends like FFF for “Fat Fat Fat” or HS for “Heart Stopper” or LC for “Laden with Cholesterol” or MSS – “More Salt than Siberia.”  How about CG – “Calories Galore.”  I mean they put warnings on cigarettes (“you will die“) but the warnings on food rarely describe the destructive effects of salt and sugar and the artery-clogging and unbalanced nature of fast foods, red meats and genetically-modified foods.   

Burger King has – I kid you not – a “Triple Whopper with Cheese Meal” with fries and a Coke.  There are nearly 2,200 calorie and 2,300 mg of sodium in this “meal.”  Oh, plus 35 grams of saturated fat.  If you add a McDonalds large triple thick shake, you can tack on 1,160 calories.  Frankly, when I order the Triple Whopper, I ask for it with bacon and cheddar fries.  And finish with a giant piece of cheesecake.  And a cup of coffee with NutraSweet (certainly not sugar).  Now that’s living. . . . . 


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