At Home

In Deborah Tannen’s classic work You Just Don’t Understand, she speaks of how men talk to “report” and women talk for “rapport.”  Well speaking of books, I just finished one that – guys – you will love.  It’s At Home by Bill Bryson.  It contains so many facts and factoids that I want to read it again.  Just to absorb more stuff to report on.   

It may sound boring but At Home takes you through the house room-by-room and explains just about everything.   Why did the kitchen develop?  Why is it called a “living room”?  What is the importance of ice?   How did bathing come into fashion?  Quick answer – it didn’t for a looooonnnng long time. . . . . Why are there bedrooms?   Bathrooms?  Why glass windows?   

Mister B devotes infinite – fascinating – detail to these and hundreds of other blips and tidbits of information.  From architecture, electricity, hygiene, food preservation and the daily life of eating, sleeping and trying to get more comfortable.  Guys, you can carry this book to cocktail parties and when other guys start spouting facts, you can pull this baby out and wow ’em.     

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