Be a Thermostat

As we go through life, we leave trails.  All sorts of them.   Big and wide.  Small and narrow.  Through our jobs.  Families.  Friends.  Pastimes.  But some trails are unseen. Hidden. Trails that we don’t even know we leave.   Small acts of kindness or charity (or hurt or disrespect) may mean nothing to you.  But they may mean everything to someone else.  Trails.  You just never know when you’re going to leave one.  We have the choice to go through life as a thermostat (to make change) — or a thermometer (to sit back and accept what comes).  We can make things happen.  Or wait for things to happen.  Somehow I think that most or all of those reading this post are thermostats.  Leave a trail.  Make it a good one. . . .  

One thought on “Be a Thermostat

  1. Denise Driscoll

    Hi Scott!! I can’t thank you enough for your brilliant writing!!! Are you world famous? You remind me of Dave Barry! Sorry for the delay in telling you how much I’m enjoying your creations!!!

    Maybe one day you and your wife will attend a Humor Exchange!!!

    You’re a blessing to many!! Thanks again, Denise


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