Armchair Warrior

I don’t read lawyer books or watch lawyer TV shows.  Been there. Done that. Lots of felony cases but no civil trials. That was an unknown. My good friend John Stonebraker just published a book — Armchair Warrior — about the “trials” and tribulations of being a civil trial lawyer in Davenport, IAHe sent it to me.  And I read it.  All I can say is I’m glad I did. 

Armchair Warrior is a fun, captivating read.  It’s humorous and compelling.  Sometimes sad.  Sometimes self-deprecating.  And I love the quotes:  “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has a limit” (I know some politicians who qualify) “She was often wrong but never in doubt” (concerning a judge) “I don’t mind being insulted but I hate being ignored” (attributed to Arthur Middleton) “Truth does not fly into the courtroom.  It has to be dragged by its heels” (attributed to Louis Nizer).   John talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of lawyering in Eastern Iowa.  This former Fuller Brush salesman and Army medic launches into a series of vignettes — all of which I read with relish.   Only one area of mild disagreement and that was his comment that DNA evidence has freed many convicts from wrongful convictions.  As I observe in my post of January 27, 2014, a lot of those institutions which tout their legal aid projects to free prisoners do so for publicity.  Not for justice. 

All in all, Armchair Warrior is a five star read.  I plan to suggest it for a book group I’m in.  The book is available through Amazon at

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