Number 300

This is my 300th post.  When this whole blog thing started, I thought I might do it a few times and fold the tent.  Instead, I’ve been doing it  twice a week for 3 years.  I have some favorites:

Update — “Symmetrical Socks” (11/14/13) – I did go out and buy 15 pair of gold toe socks.  All the old ones went to rummage.  I love my sock drawer

Most Meaningful — “Today I Became a Grandfather” (12/28/11) – speaks for itself

Tear in my eye — “Oh Shenandoah” (8/14/11) – still prompts a tear

Best Jokes — The Brownie duo (11/29/12 and 12/2/12)

Editorial — I have written on numerous occasions. Teachers are wonderful.  But I despise the Chicago Teachers Union for its indifference toward education – especially for the poor and underprivileged 

Best Recipe — “Donna’s favorite Meal” (10/28/11)

Most Inspirational — “Thank you Captain” (5/28/12)

Most Interesting — “Gabriel” (1/30/12)

Best Travel Posts — The trio on South Africa (March 2013)

Personal Experience — A few – “Don’t You Like our Looks?” (12/1/13); “College” (10/13/13); “Protecting vs. Insulating Children” (11/21/13); “Riding with Joe Miller” (6/4/13)

The Best “Lesson” — Oh my there have been many.  You’ll enjoy “True Confessions” (8/16/11) or “A 6th Grade Lesson” (11/23/11)

Quirkiest — “The Antique Crutch” (11/7/11)

For now, I’ll keep doing this and try to come up with interesting stuff.  300 posts.  Mercy.  That’s 3 tenths of a thousand.  1 ten thousandth of a million.  Next stop. . . .  301.

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