Blind Date

When I was in law school, a great friend of mine from Augustana College – Diane – was living nearby while going to grad school. One day, Diane said to me “Scott – I have this girl that I think you should meet.” In my own inimitable way, I probably said something like “Duhhhh-okayy. . . .”

A few weeks later, at the appointed hour, I knocked on the door of my date. This cute thing opened the door, smiled and I fumbled for words “duhhhhhh nice pad ya got here. . . ” [those were among my first words].  She probably wondered what sort of bozo Diane had fixed her up with.  “Yes. . . . uhmm. . . thank you.”  I remember sweating a lot and making a lot of “duhhhhh” sounds but for some inexplicable reason she must have found these qualities endearing.   So we went out.  Double-dated actually.  To the racetrack of all places.  And then dinner. 

A few months later, the most uncanny of coincidences occurred (see post of August 2, 2013) which probably sealed the deal.   A couple years later, we were married and we’re still at it. 

You may ask me – why in the world did she stay with you?  Answer – “Duhhhh I dunno. . . .” 

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