On March 18, 2013, I had a post titled “Streetwise.”  I spoke of Manuel who sells Streetwise – a weekly publication in front of the Corner Bakery across from my building.  Manuel needs crutches to walk and he struggles mightily to sell his weekly journals.  Today, Streetwise has an article featuring Manuel.  And it mentioned my blog post about him.  I am really happy for Manuel and his moment of fame.  If you have a chance, stop by and see him.  Say “hello.”  Talk to him.  He’s a nice guy.  Maybe buy a copy of Streetwise.  Buy it from Manuel or from your local Streetwise vendor.  It’s two bucks.  I’m also pretty proud of Streetwise for giving people a chance to have a meaningful opportunity.  For dignity.  And for making a few dollars.        

In my original post, I quoted Henri Nouwen – the great religious writer.  His words from Out of Solitude bear repeating:  “The temptation is that we use our expertise to keep a safe distance from that which really matters and forget that, in the long run, cure without care is more harmful than helpful.”   Streetwise is on the right track — offering cure . . . . and the all-important care — and compassion.  We can all learn from this example.  And help make the world a better place.  Bravo.  Bravissimo.     

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