Retail is Dying. . . .

Does it seem to you like retail stores are dying? “For Sale” “For Lease” are signs that you see increasingly in commercial areas. On city streets. In shopping malls. And in retail areas. Stores empty. Parking lots depleted. Is this a good thing? I guess like many things, the answer may be yes and no.

I shop increasingly online. It’s easy and I don’t have to run between raindrops or skid on slippery streets. I need something? I log on. Make a selection. And push a button.

As you may have gathered from my numerous references to cooking, I love to prowl the aisles of food stores — seeking inspiration for culinary experiment.  Thus I doubt that food stores will go out of style since we all have to eat (though Peapod and other home delivery services are making their mark).  Maybe shoe stores will endure. Some clothing stores. Hardware stores (for a handyman like me). But frankly, I don’t see much of a future for run of the mill retail. It seems like it’s on the way out.  Am I wrong?  Is there anything we can do?