You Gotta Write This Down

As some of you know, I am an aspiring chef. I enjoy cooking and devising new creations. And I hit a home run on Saturday night. I not only got a “10” but it was a “you gotta write this down” 10 . . . .

We were babysitting for Eve so I volunteered to make dinner.  I stopped off at Fresh Market and reconnoitered the aisles.  I was inspired.  I got four 5 ounce lobster tails (50% off special), a large butternut squash, a yellow onion, some Portobello mushrooms and a bag of organic potatoes.  And some fresh pitted Kalamata olives.  The potatoes, I did in my usual way (mashed with garlic cheddar cheese).  For the lobster tails, I cut the shell (all the way to allow expansion) and baked them for about 11 minutes at 400 degrees.  But it was the squash dish that raised the roof. 

I cut and diced the butternut squash; chopped the onion; and cut up the Portobello mushroom in 2″ pieces.  I threw it all into a sauté pan with the usual Colavita olive oil.  And I simmered over low heat (some pepper, 3 garlic cloves finely-sliced).  Then I added chopped Kalamata olives.  It sautéed for about 35 minutes (this cooked the squash perfectly).  Then I left it covered while the rest was finishing.  When all was done, I added some honey to the squash dish (see post of November 19, 2011) and turned up the heat.  And I let things caramelize . . . .

I had the usual melted butter with lemon quarters for the lobster.  The mashed potatoes were perfection.  We had a dandy Catena malbec on the side.  And a Talenti gelato (chocolate banana swirl) to finish things up.  But the squash dish which I had divined was the unknown.  I was perspiring.  My eyes opened as Donna began to delve into the meal.  She took a bite.  Another.  Another.  And looked up. . . .” you gotta write this down.”  It was a “10.”  Next stop?  “Top Chef.”   Don’t laugh . . . .   

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