Scoring Points – Part III

In my posts of May 6 and May 8, 2012, I relate how my amazing cooking prowess gets me points with the ladies. Uhmmm . . . make that “Lady” – singular. Well I did it again. . . .

Saturday night, Donna and I were babysitting for Eve so I volunteered to make dinner.  I stopped at Whole Foods and patrolled the aisles — seeking inspiration.  And then KA-BOOM — it hit me.  I bought two 8 ounce (1-1/2″) prime filets, some organic white potatoes, a monstrous yellow onion, some Hass avocados, limes and cilantro.  I’ll bet you can see what’s coming. . . .

For the potatoes, I stuck to my classic hash brown/roasted potato recipe (see post of September 10, 2013).  This time I used real garlic powder (instead of garlic salt).  I then made a guacamole side dish with two mooshed avocados, finely chopped cilantro and the juice of one or two (if you like it tangy) limes.  I fired up the grill for the filet.  Seared for 2-1/2 minutes on high then flipped them and timed about 10 minutes on medium (M-M-M) heat.  The filets were perfect.  Medium,  Light pink inside.

I poured a really fine Ghost Pines 2010 cabernet sauvignon to wash it all down and concluded the meal with a Ciao Bella sorbet.   The guacamole was a perfect vegetable accompaniment to the filet.  In fact, I simply took bites of both.  It was Mardi Gras in your mouth. . . .  

What really got the pointmeter doing loops was – are you ready?  I did the dishes (cue the fist pump). 

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