Gambling – Part II

I had some gentle push back on my prior post from some on the point that people should have freedom – to choose – to go to a casino or not to go to a casino.   I don’t disagree.  Offering casino opportunities is one thing.  But 24 hours a day?  7 days a week?  On Christmas day?  On the 4th of July?  Again – who spends their days and nights at casinos?   We already know – and our politicians know – the demographics.  It’s mainly lower income people.  Our race tracks have a season – and hours.  So do bars.  Restaurants.  Stores.  Why not casinos?  The quick answer is that our politicians know that they can glean revenue in big buckets from casinos.  Sooooo, leave them stay open.  24/7.  365 days a year.  Oh – and let’s build more casinos.  To twist the knife into the belly of the poor while smiling and going “shhhhhh.”        

Our politicians know full well who’s spending their hard earned bucks – and welfare checks – at the all-night casinos and truck stop betting parlors.   These boys care only about money and power. And – as I said in my earlier post – they don’t care one bit who they grind into insolvency (or divorce or addiction or the other ills that attend).  Remember that next time you go to the polls. . . . .    

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