Pardon My Blooper. . . .

When I was (very) young, I would listen to and howl at a series of records my parents had — the “Pardon My Blooper” series — which was compiled by Kermit Schafer (1914-1979). “Pardon My Blooper” was a collection of “unintended indiscretions before michrophone and camera.” Schafer was a radio/television producer and writer who began collecting on air “bloopers” early on.  He then began cataloging them — and then synchronizing them into a series of records.   Bloopers came into major prominence in 1931 when veteran radio announcer Harry Von Zell introduced the President of the United States as “Hoobert Heever.”   Schafer offered this wonderful collection of bloopers in seven record albums.  Schafer was criticized for recreating a few famous bloopers but for the most part, what listeners heard is what they hear today on those albums.   Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of real bloopers . . . .

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