One of my favorite restaurants in Chicago for lunch is Wishbone – located at 1001 West Washington (just east of Oprah’s studio).   The food is Southern/Creole.  I was introduced to Wishbone perhaps 15 years ago by my good friend Bob R. who served with me on the staff of Camp Napowan — a Boy Scout camp in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. 

On those rare – but delicious – occasions when I go to Wishbone, I am in a rut.  And I order the same thing.  Every time.  I order the crawfish cakes with two “sides”:  black beans and rice and mashed sweet potato topped with chopped nuts.  And an iced tea.  On Friday, my assistant treated me to lunch at Wishbone to celebrate my 42d birthday.  Would you believe 53?   How about . . . . never mind.  Anyway, the offering looked so good, I snapped a pic — just as I dug my fork into the mashed sweet potatoes.  That’s corn bread and cole slaw on the left. . . . Scrumptious. . . . . Would you believe 61?? 


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