On the Verge of Icky

The day before Thanksgiving, Donna dumped all of the ice from the freezer into the sink. I asked why. She said the ice was “on the verge of icky.” It was stuck together. Hence “verge of icky.”  It occurred to me that this expression would be a great title for a book — “On the Verge of Icky.” It could be a book about Illinois politics or General Petraeus or asparagus.

There are a lot of things that in my opinion are on the “verge of icky.”  Ultimate fighting.  Dirty dishes.  European economies.  Politicians.  Unions.  Certain 4-legged creatures.  Certain 2-legged creatures.   High school (or younger  kid) contact football.  Texting while driving.  Mullets.   Smoking.  Mosquitoes.   Many plaintiffs’ lawyers.   Spitting.   Prejudice.  Intolerance.   Three putting.    Actually, some of these things are downright icky. . . .        

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