Election Day

It used to be that Election Day was Election Day. One special Tuesday every two years when America would cast its ballots for those seeking national political office.  From the dawn’s early light until 7:00 p.m.   Lines were long and everyone waited.  And waited.   And voted.  “Absentee Voting” was a rarity — reserved only for those who planned to be away, those who were ill or those with a good excuse for not voting on Election Day.   

Today however, “Election Day” has morphed into a two week spree of voting.  Anyone can show up and vote.  Every day is Election Day.  So I showed up at one of the dozens of polling places open for “early voting.”  Despite the objection by some over the need to show an I.D. to vote on Election Day, I was required to show an I.D. “Do you have some proof of identification?” the man asked. “Yep.”  Maybe I look a little shifty. . . .

I’m not sure why “Election Day” has turned into an “Election Fortnight.” It’s probably a good thing.  Gets more people to the polls.  Perhaps one day elections will be held year round (“I’ll show him a thing or two. . . . I’m going to vote tomorrow“).  Maybe special interest groups could declare their discontent with this or that official, encourage a crush of voting in mid-July and oust the character by Labor Day.  The House of Representatives would have new members showing up on a daily basis.  After all, it’s not hard to get groups of registered voters together.  In Chicago, the cemeteries are full of them. . . .

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