The Coastal Highway

Donna and I just returned from a week in California.   Two nights in Santa Barbara (the Canary Hotel).  One night at the beautiful Summerwood B&B in Paso Robles wine country.  A night in San Francisco (fabulous dinner at Rose Pistola).  And then Napa to lodge in a wonderful place called the Oak Knoll Inn — a 4 room B&B in Napa (a place to which we could easily return – and spend a few extra days).      

The drive from Santa Barbara to San Francisco along  the Coastal Highway is amazing in terms of agricultural activity.  As far as you can see — on both sides of the road for a hundred miles or more — literally everywhere —  there is a hum of activity. Trucks, tractors, workers, boxes, irrigation, cattle.   Everything moving (or moooooing).   California has 4% of the nation’s farms but is numero uno in cash farm receipts. California has 15% of the nation’s receipts for crops and 7% for livestock.  They can say what they will about the Midwest and the prairie states but California’s Central Coast is truly America’s breadbasket (and wine rack).

2 thoughts on “The Coastal Highway

  1. Richard Lamm

    Scott- we really like Napa and hope to get there again. In Chicago tonight for a Caxton meeting. Best, Dick
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  2. pete lodato cugino

    i have made that drive also in the 60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s and it never amazes me the farming and agriculture that you see and the progression of housing and expansion of suburbs going up along the drive i always had to stop for a innout burger animal style on every ride lolol

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