What’s in Popi’s Pockets?

As soon as my granddaughter sees me, she has this big, wonderful, melting smile.  My heart goes pitter patter.  And then I pick her up.  She looks at me with her big baby Blues.  Big grin. 🙂  And then she goes to work.  

For some reason, my shirt pocket has become an object of intense and curious interest. Why? Because I usually have my shirt pocket filled with pens, 3″ x 5″ cards, credit card receipts, a comb and a Blackberry (Luddite that I am. . . . ).  She immediately begins grabbing things out of my pocket, giving them careful visual examination and then comes the taste test.  Everything goes in her mouth. Now mind you — I am right there and I do not let her put these “icky” things in her mouth. She tries. I take them back and repatriate them to my pocket. And the game begins again. This sometimes goes on for a half hour or more.

It occurred to me that from now on when I see her, I will have my shirt pocket filled with even more interesting things:  toy mouse, pictures, pacifier, spoon, large rubber band, etc.  That should really grab her attention!  I’ve thought about writing a children’s book – of this  alliterative title – where the child can pull a variety of amazing things out of “Popi’s” (that is my moniker) pocket.  

This is a game that never gets boring.  I can’t wait to play it again!