Occupy Chicago

I am sitting in my office – 30th floor – overlooking the Federal Plaza.  It is May 1st and it is 3:11 p.m.  The “Occupy Wall Street” (or “Occupy Chicago”) parade has just arrived at the Plaza and they are loud and boisterous.  One man is yelling through a michrophone and someone is banging on a drum.  I can’t pick out the signs but I can imagine what they say.   The media had touted the possibility of “thousands.”    I’m looking down there and see what is probably no more than a few platoons of people.  Tops.  And that doesn’t count the curious onlookers.    I’ve never been able to understand what’s driving this movement other than the angry dissatisfaction that some people always have.   Bell curve.   To be continued. . . . .    

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