Baseball in Heaven

Two very old men lived together.  They loved baseball.  Each morning they would get the newspaper and read the stories about the day’s games.  They studied the box scores, statistics and players.  In the afternoon, they would watch baseball games on television and occasionally go to the games when their team was in town.  In the evening, they’d talk over dinner about the games, the players and statistics.  And each night, they would dream — dream of baseball.

They knew their days were numbered and so they made a pact.  When one of them died, he would do his best to “come back” to let his friend know if there was baseball in heaven. 

One cold gray morning, one old man did not arise.  He had passed away in the night.  He was buried but his friend carried on.  Reading, studying, watching and dreaming about baseball.  

A few weeks later, the old man got up and shuffled into the kitchen.  Who should be sitting at the kitchen table — his old friend!   “My friend!  How I’ve missed you.  How are y. . . .is there baseball in heaven?”    The friend smiled — “I have good news and I have bad news for you.”  “Well what’s the good news.  Is there baseball in heaven?”  His friend responded “Is there!  I’m on a team with Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.  We played yesterday.”  His friend smiled “What’s the bad news?” 

His friend looked at him “You’re pitching tomorrow.” 

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