Bicycle Helmet Laws. . . .

I penned a letter to my local community expressing concern about a proposed bicycle helmet law.  I had read that my community is the only one around with a “Bicycle Safety Commission.”  And that the Commission was considering a requirement that anyone who rides a bicycle in the village must wear a helmet. 

I live in a nice community where most people are reasonably intelligent.  With a reasonably intelligent populace, I question why they can’t make determinations for themselves as to whether they or their children will wear a bicycle helmet — or not.   Do we really need another layer of regulation (and cost) dictating rules on an already heavily-regulated, crushingly-taxed and ordinance-saturated community.  With a reasonably intelligent populace, most will likely make good decisions.   And most will require their children to wear helmets and wear them themselves.

We do, however, need strict laws that require all children who step outside the door of their home to be fully bubble-wrapped from head to toe.  You can never be too careful and heaven knows that most parents are not smart enough to discern potential risk to un-bubble-wrapped children. 

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