Education: An Observation

I get on the train each morning and most of the people on board are reading a newspaper, a book, doing work or studying.   A few may be catching up on sleep.  I normally read. 

Some, however, mainly the younger set, are sitting there with earphones in, holding their Ipod or Iphone, slack-jawed, listening to music or playing video games.  And it’s that way for the whole trip.  And their 30 minute ride – this wonderful concentrated opportunity for learning or enrichment – at least from my perspective – has been a waste.   I have to wonder if there is anything that can be done (or should be done) to  discourage this trend.  Ban IPods or video games for anyone under a certain age?  Surely we all need “down time” but to focus on down time on a consistent basis at the expense of learning?  I dunno. . . .  What do you think?

One thought on “Education: An Observation

  1. We could hope they are listening to audio books, but doubtful. I think it has to do with the examples and idols set before them; since 80’s movies made learning, using our brain, and anything science related so uncool that ideal has not filtered through every aspect of today’s teenager (and 20’s) generation.

    Also, celebrities these days aren’t shown trying to learn anything.

    I wonder how much impact parenting has to do with it? I think a failure in parenting has destroyed our school system. Kids no longer have to participate in school, they can be disruptive to the class, and the system now trying to accommodate this shift in behavior makes school boring for all students now.

    Parents should set a good example, and encourage a child’s interest in learning from an early age, and until a much older age since 18 year olds is no longer the adulthood of responsibility.

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